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Founded in 1994, Our mission at Clem-Mar House, Inc. is to provide a three (3) month to six (6) month residential program in which chemically dependent clients can reorganize their lives with a view toward an independent lifestyle. Our primary purpose is to help the recovering person continue the process started in their rehabilitation program while simultaneously providing direction and guidance to aid them in making a smooth transition into mainstream society.


     To this end we will provide experiential groups to address living skills, job security, budgeting, and responsibility. We also refer to community based agencies and programs to assist us in fulfilling our mission. Clients will be expected to continue involvement in AA/NA to enhance their recovery experience. Clem-Mar focuses on intense counseling in an intimate setting. We believe improved self esteem, positive mental attitude training and vocational skills lead to a firm foundation of recovery from the disease of addiction. Clem-Mar will conduct an interview with each potential candidate for our program. This interview will take place in person prior to the client being accepted for admission to the facility.


     After a client has been determined appropriate for the level of care, eligible for admission and has completed the initial assessment procedures, orientation to the program takes place. The nature and goals of the program, rules of conduct, hours of service, and clients' rights are explained. During treatment, periodic assessments are conducted.

     The goal of assessment is for the client and the assigned counselor to discuss the client's chemical usage history to begin to prepare an individualized treatment approach specific to the client's needs. In the assessment procedure, Clem-Mar determines how well clients are gaining re-integration to society through better coping mechanisms, educational/vocational skills and life skills.


     Clem-Mar House, Inc. does not deprive a client of a civil right solely by reason of treatment. The project does not discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of age, race, creed, sex, ethnicity, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap or religion.

Our Male Facility has seved over 2000 men since its' founding in 1994.

Since 2004, our Female Facility in Dallas
Township has served over 1200 women.

Our Team

The Clinical Director of the Program brings a wealth of education and experience with her to her role. With over 25 years of experience in the Drug & Alcohol field,  she posesses an LSW and CADC in the state of PA, as well as  certification in Problem Gambling.

Many of the members of the RM team of The Clem-Mar House have experienced the recovery process themselves. In order to ensure our clients are supported throughout their stay, our Resident Management Team works together to help the clients adhere to the  standards of The Clem-Mar House and become productive members of the community.

Our counseling staff is in place to help our clients deal with both their  addiction and underlying issues related to addiction. The Counseling Staff of The Clem-Mar House possesses a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences that combine to create an open, inviting, and diverse space for all clients.

Clinical Director
Counseling Team


Resident Management


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