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Program Details

Both the male & female facilities provide a focus on regaining structure in one's life through organization, employment and teamwork.  By utilizing these as the basis of one's re-entry into society, our clinical team is able to assist our clients rebuild their lives and interpersonal relationships in the strongest way possible.


Each house follows a specific schedule to ensure clients are able to meet all of their clinical needs while maintaining autonomy as individuals. Clients also have a strict set of rules to follow that help acclimate them into the concept of a structured life.

The Client Experience

Our responsibilities to Our Clients will be to provide a drug and alcohol free atmosphere and environment so that they might begin to find that life's diffIculties, as well as successes, can be handled without the dependence of any specific chemical.


The staff will be supportive in assisting in any therapy that might be resolved through group or individual processing. We will also guide or direct our clients to the other various helping agencies within the Luzeme/Wyoming Counties area community, to help enhance and clarify their needs. Life management and re-socialization skills will be a big part of  our clients' early recovery, so we ask that they do their part in beginning to utilize the awareness that they have received prior in their respective inpatient rehabilitation facilities.


Our Clients smooth transition back into their respective communities depends entirely on themselves, and how they can best learn how to use the valuable resources and supports that they will be directed to.


The understanding is enforced that any decisions that our clients are to make from here on in should first be talked about with their peers, staff, and in AA, NA, and anyone else that might be involved with their early recovery before following through on that specific decision.


We hope that all of Our Clients enjoy their journey with The Clem-Mar House.






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